Frequently Asked Question:    
1. Q: Does PlanTool only suitable for big company?    
  A: PlanTool is able to be used by any scale of tool shop, it can help you control your shop capacity.
2. Q: Do I need any hardware to use PlanTool?    
  A: PlanTool need your shop has network to connect planner's computer with other colleague's, if you want use barcode to input working time then barcode scanner is necessary.
3. QPlanTool can running just by one user?    
  A:  No, normally at least worker should also use PlanTool to input their job time, in order to let planner know how much work is finished.
4. Q: Can PlanTool estimate how many hour each process will use for a certain tool?    
  A: No, PlanTool just focus on the capacity planning it need planner give his own idea how many hours each process will use.
5. Q; Which department can PlanTool be used in tool shop?    
  A: It can be used by planning department, and also purchasing department to issue purchase orders. Store house can use it manage tool accessory stock.
6. Q: Can I visit a show factory which is running PlanTool?
  A: PlanTool has a show factory in Fuyong ShenZhen Guangdong China. We can arrange you to look around the factory and how PlanTool helps there.
7. Q: How much PlanTool is?
  A: PlanTool has different modules, cost is determined by how many modules you need.