PlanTool is good at arranging tool shop planning and manufacturing.  
  Depend on different tool shop management structure PlanTool provide two kinds of manufacturing control way.  
1st control the manufacturing only by overall plan.  
  Overall plan only need planner input the estimated hours of each manufacture process, it need not the detail design information. PlanTool can do the capacity calculation and during the calculation PlanTool consider all the free capacity of factory, then show many information to the planner.   
  What is the reliable tool first trial date?  
  Which manufacturing group capacity is overloaded and how many hours?  
  If I change one tool priority how about the others? which tools delivery date will be affected?  
  Can I accept the urgent order? If yes which tool first trial date will be affected, how many days?  
  In the coming weeks which groups capacity are free, how many new orders I can get?  
  PlanTool can generate workload plan for each group to control the manufacturing, each group leader can arrange their job based on this plan.  
2nd way is control the manufacturing by detail component level plan.  
  PlanTool provide a detail plan function, by this, planner can do the component process level plan for each part machining process and assign the start machining date.  
  Once this kind of plan is finished PlanTool can show the daily detail work for each group leader, and machining process can be controlled very detail.  
PlanTool cost control function  
  Once the overall plan is finished PlanTool can show a estimated profit of tool and estimated subcontract cost is also available, during the tool machining process planner update their plan to be more and more accurate at same time the estimated profit of tool is also turn to be accurate.  
  With PlanTool purchasing function all the purchasing and subcontract work cost, can be shown in real time.  
PlanTool can save the experience  
  As a good tool maker need many years experience, for new employee how to let them share the experience from past is important. As PlanTool can accumulate each tool each component machining process, it is convenience to share the past successful / failure.  
PlanTool other function  
  PlanTool has purchasing, financial and store house managing module.  
  PlanTool supports Chinese, English, German, Czech and Polish language. User can choose anyone he likes.